Shop cart removal

We’d like to say how grateful we are to have you as a valued customer.  We hope that Etsy360 has been an asset for your Etsy business up to this point.  

Etsy has recently announced they will be updating the software we use to build Etsy360 in 2022.  Etsy360 is a third party software tool that leverages Etsy’s software provided by Etsy.  We are bound by the features Etsy provides their 3rd party developers like Etsy360.  With this new Etsy update, Etsy has decided to retire the shopping cart feature.  Please don’t get this confused by the cart provided on the website. This is the popup cart provided by Etsy360, shown when a visitor adds an item to their cart from your website.  The cart will continue to function as normal.

We can’t express how disappointed we are about their decision to remove the cart feature. Please know that we have reached out to Etsy and requested they consider the cart in their initial release slated for Q3 of 2022.  They haven't yet responded to indicate they will be including the cart feature.

With that, as of right now, we unfortunately and regretfully will have to remove the popup cart feature from Etsy360 until Etsy decides to add the cart feature back into their solution they provide us. Please understand that there is nothing we can do about this at the given moment.  We are hopeful they will at some point. You’re more than welcome to reach out to Etsy directly and tell them how much you like the cart feature provided by Etsy360.

The popup cart feature will get removed and will no longer be available to Etsy360 customers as of February 1, 2022. We will email you again when the change takes place.

The good news

We need to move forward and look to the future.  Know the cart was just a small part of what Etsy360 has to offer you and your visitors.  Your visitors will still be able to browse your listings and item details on your website.  The only difference is they will be taken to your listing to add the item to a cart and complete their order from the website.

We are also continuing to work to provide you with more tools to help you sell more of what you love to create.  Look out for an email detailing what new features will be coming in 2022.

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